How to receive CE credit for the BSF October 2018 workshop and dinner event

Biobehavioral Considerations in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Primary Headache Disorders
  • A clinical guide to advances in diagnosis and management of migraine, cluster, tension-type headaches, and atypical variants
  • Includes a discussion of essential issues in psychopharmacology for BF/NF and other healthcare professionals
Orlando, Florida - October 27 - 28, 2018


Participants are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to earn an additional one (1) APA approved CE credit at no cost for attending the BSF 40th Anniversary Dinner and Keynote Address by Dr. Schwartz. You will receive 13 CE credits for attending the workshop, and 14 total APA approved credits for attending both the workshop and dinner event.

This program, when attended in its entirety, is available for 14 continuing education credits (13 if not attending the Saturday evening keynote address). The program is co-sponsored by The Center LLC, which is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Center, LLC maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Note: All licensed health care professionals should verify that their respective licensing boards accept APA approved CE program credits toward fulfillment of their licensing requirements.

Do you know about the State of Florida process for licensed
health care professionals to report CE/CME credit?

If you are a health care professional who has attended or is planning to attend a BSF continuing education (CE) workshop, the following information about receiving CE credit toward license renewal will be of interest to you.

In 2012 the Florida Dept. of Health (FDH) changed its license renewal process to include a requirement that CE credit be posted to their electronic tracking system. The system is administered through CE Broker and the basic tracking service is now free.

BSF CE programs are co-sponsored by our national organization, the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), which is an APA approved CE provider. This enables our workshop participants to receive credit if their profession accepts APA approved CE programs, as do the Florida 490 (psychologists) and 491 (LMHC’s, LCSW’s, MFT’s) licensing boards. Other licensed professionals should check with their boards to determine if APA approved CE credit is acceptable.

To receive license renewal credit for attendance at BSF meetings, you will need to report your attendance yourself. The CE Broker online form makes the process quite easy. Here are the steps for BSF program participants to follow when reporting their CE credit:
  • Login to the CE Broker site using your ID and password. You can also set up a new account here. The free option is the "Just the Basics" alternative.
  • Click on the "Begin Reporting" button
  • On the Submissions Options page, choose the first option; "Continuing education from a national or rule approved organization"
  • Provide the requested information about the CE program on the "Report CE Credit" pages. When asked for the name of the CE provider, type in "Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback and The Biofeedback Society of Florida".
  • Question 3 of the Report CE Credit section asks for the name of the organization that approved the course/provider. Click the circle in front of "American Psychological Association (APA)".
  • Next you will be asked to provide your certificate of attendance for the CE program, either by faxing it or attaching a digital copy. For all future BSF programs, we will provide your certificate in PDF format to make it easy to submit. For previous meetings, you will need to follow the instructions for faxing.
  • Follow the instructions to submit your finished application for CE credit and you're done.